It's a jungle out there.

The expectations placed on leaders today are enormous compared to the measures of 10, 20, and 30 years ago. Today's leaders are expected to be empathetic, courageous, flexible, innovative, passionate, visionary, and intelligent.

Are you investing enough in yourself to continue keeping pace with today's expectations?

Does the world really need another leadership and management blog?


I've lived and worked on three different continents in four countries and I've worked with other organizations in many more . My experience shows me one very clear truth: organizations producing today's complex products are under pressure and they need help.

As leaders, we underestimate the impact our actions have on the personal lives of our employees and their families. We often jump quickly between strategy work, fire-fighting, and the daily minutiae of our businesses. However, when we move fast, there is a natural temptation to view our employees as just another type of asset or resource. But as humans ourselves, we know that our employees are so much more! They are people with thoughts, worries, aspirations and families.

I have seen the devastating effects that poor leadership can have on the lives of employees. Effects like divorces, ruined health, destroyed self-worth, and negative world views. All this because of a few key mistakes by people in leadership positions.

We can do better

Did those leaders set out to make bad decisions and irreversibly damage their employees? Of course not. They were simply ill-equipped to deal with the pressure and the complexity. But still the damage was done. As leaders, we have to do better.

Courageous leadership is a set of practical skills that can learned and refined with time. Some techniques are time-tested and thousands of years old. Others are based on emerging research and insights that were not available until now. 

Finally, why should you care? Because we have the power to make our employees' lives better or worse. The goal of is to enable leaders to make better decisions and improve the lives of everyone working with them.

Together we can learn and help each other improve.



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About Mitch Cooper

As a leader and manager, Mitch realizes how difficult it can be to fulfill your own demanding expectations, in addition to those of your company and employees. He's passionate about helping companies and managers succeed with their individual challenges.

Mitch has more than 15 years of experience in the international telecommunication and software industries and specializes in Research and Development activities.